New York City Petit Larceny Criminal Defense Attorneys

Shalley and Murray is the New York City Criminal Defense Law Firm that has been helping people accused of crimes (including Petit Larceny) in New York City for 20 years.  The founding partners, Don Murray, and James Shalley have more than 25 years criminal defense experience.

Depth of Criminal Defense Experience

Founding partner Don Murray is the author of the content on this site.  Mr. Murray attended Williams College, and went on to graduate with honors from The University of Florida College of Law.  Mr. Murray became interested in criminal defense while working for William DeCarlis, a prominent criminal defense lawyer in the Southeast.  Mr. Murray accepted a job with the Legal Aid Society in New York City (Queens) as a trial lawyer where he worked for six years.  At the Legal Society, Mr. Murray published a chapter in the Matthew Bender "Criminal Defense Techniques" series.

In 1996, Mr. Murray, along with James Shalley, founded the New York City Criminal Defense law firm Shalley and Murray.

Mr. Murray has frequently been consulted as an expert on the New York City Criminal Justice System, including most recently in the fall of 2014, consulting on the NBC television miniseries "The Slap". 

Mr. Murray and Mr. Shalley have handled a steady stream of criminal cases of all types and varieties, including countless petit larceny accusations, for more than twenty years.  They have tried cases of all levels of seriousness.  They limit their practice solely to criminal defense.

Initially focussing on New York City, the firm quickly gained a reputation that justified expanding to a second office that covered Westchester and Putnam County.  Mr. Shalley manages the "upstate" portion of the firm's criminal defense practice.

For six seconds I actually was in the NBC Television miniseries, The Slap.  The red arrow points to me, talking to an extra who was pretending to be my client. One of the main actors in the show is walking by me in the hall toward the camera.  Being asked to be in the show was a complete surprise but was a fun way to end a fascinating day consulting on the set of major production like this.

Don Murray


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