Petit Larceny (Shoplifting) Defense in New York


If you have been accused of petit larceny (often called "shoplifting")  in New York City, including Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Nassau or Westchester Counties, then you probably have quite a few questions.  

Maybe it was an argument with your spouse.  Maybe you are experiencing some sort of trauma or major transition in your life.  Maybe you just had a bad day at work or school.  Whatever the reason, you now find yourself accused of shoplifting in New York City.  You are probably experiencing a variety emotions at this point.  Maybe you are embarrassed, afraid that you are going to get a criminal record, or lose your job, or worse.

Most likely, you have been given a Desk Appearance Ticket to appear about a month or so away.  Most likely you are fretting about this, and losing sleep over this.  You are online doing research and have discovered various unsatisfying or terrifying sites making all kinds of wild claims.

Fret no more.

Hi.  This is Don Murray.  I am a founding partner of the New York Criminal Defense law firm Shalley and Murray and the author of all of the free articles you will find on this site.  If, after you have read what interests you here, you would like to speak with me about your Petit Larceny (Shoplifting) case, please call me at 


This website is all about Petit Larceny and only about Petit Larceny, Section 155.25 of the New York Penal Code.  The content in this petit larceny website has been written and developed by criminal defense lawyer Don Murray, founding partner at the New York City Criminal Defense Law Firm Shalley and Murray.  You will find no outlandish claims here.  You will find no terrifying images of jail cells or suggestions that you realistically are "looking at" one year at Rikers Island.  Here you will find calm, rational, accurate information, written by someone who knows what he is talking about.

My partner Jim Shalley and I have more than 25 years criminal defense experience each.  I have published numerous articles about the New York City Criminal Justice System, and have consulted as an expert on the New York City Criminal Justice system for various media productions, including most recently for the NBC television miniseries "The Slap." 

So if you have had enough of being confused, showered with misinformation, and terrified in your search for information and help, read on for a calm, rational discussion of what is at stake for someone accused of petit larceny in New York City.