Choosing a Lawyer for Your Petit Larceny Case

If you have reached this page, then you no doubt have discovered that there are quite a few choices out there in terms of lawyers to represent you in your petit larceny case.

As a general rule, it makes sense that you want to find someone with experience in criminal defense.  This is not particularly surprising, but the trick is finding someone who actually has experience in criminal defense (including petit larceny cases).  The problem is that the Bar recognizes no real distinction among lawyers.  New York does not recognize "specialties" in the practice of law as a general rule.  Therefore, a lawyer who graduated law school five minutes ago is allowed, within certain broad limits mostly related to his or her own commitment to "sufficient study", to accept your case and lay claim to the ability to deal with your case as a lawyer with 25 years experience.  Nevertheless, experience in the field is a rational consideration on your end, and something that you ought to consider.

Additionally, experience in the locality where you will be prosecuted is also a good thing to consider.  Although the laws around New York State are the same, as a general rule, the manner in which they are applied varies from location to location, even among the courthouses in New York City.  Local knowledge is a great thing.  Knowing who to call, having the relationships with the players, and just being a familiar face can help make your experience in the system go smoothly and with less stress.

Things that aren't so important are loud claims of "aggressiveness" that seem to be so popular among various lawyer advertisements you see and various other bold marketing claims.

Also you should take the trumpeting of a lawyer's previous job as a prosecutor with a grain of salt.  You see this all the time in advertisements.  Read this brief article about defense lawyer / former prosecutors who so aggressively market this aspect of their background.



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